I am a visual effects Technical Director (TD), assisting in the creation of visual effects for various feature films for the US and UK markets. A few of my most recent film projects are Spiderman:Far From Home, Terminator: The Dark Fate and Black widow.

I hold a Masters degree in Digital Effects from the National Center of Computer Animation (NCCA), Bournemouth University, United Kingdom – A course that ranks amongst top animation courses.

Before the Masters course, I had acquired a Bachelors of Science degree in Computer Science and also I worked as a motion graphic designer.

During the Masters course, the roles I undertook and my choice of projects helped me in developing several skills from rotoscoping to tracking and match-moving, modeling, texturing, rigging, wire simulations, rigid body simulations , lighting and compositing to mention but a few.

I consider myself a well rounded person possessing an equal mix of Technical and Artistic capabilities. My background in Computer Science makes topics such as Physics, Mathematics and Programming an easy grasp for me and aids my understanding when technical issues arise.

The Masters course also enabled me to discover a lot more about my artistic side as well as my technical capabilities. During the time spent at Bournemouth University, it was a priviledge to have studied a variety of interesting topics:

• Digital Effects Nucleus: 3D Digital Effects work, 2D Compositing Effects work, and Practical Video Acquisition Effects work.

• Digital Effects Tools: (Theory) Image Analysis, Effects Design, Colour, Effects Universes (3D) Modeling, Animation, Texturing, Lighting, Pass Rendering, Digital FX; (2D) Keying, Colour Correction, FX Integration, Pass based compositing; (Acquisition) Video &Camera Ops, Practical FX, Lighting, Props; (Common) Maths.

• Digital Effects Techniques: (Theory) Camera Matching, Light Matching, Motion Matching; (3D) Expressions, Particles, Attributes, Dynamics, Scripting, Character Tools, Shader Writing; (2D) Tracking, Green Screen, Advanced Integration, 3D Compositing; (Acquisition) Green Screen, Track & Jib, Location Survey, Portable Blue Screen.

• Personal Inquiry: The Nature of Houdini Rigid Body Dynamics.

• Moving Image Theory: Cinematography, Analogue and Digital Techniques Comparisons.

After I graduated from Bournemouth University with the Masters Degree, I had developed a keen interest towards 3D. This made me dedicate one whole year on polishing my knowledge in order to meet the industry standards. During this period, I made a personal inquiry into Cloth, Rigid Body Dynamics, Shader Writing, Lighting, Rendering, Particles, Volumes, etc.

My current interests are in the fields of Effects, Lighting, Shading and Rendering. As a direct result, I am confident that I can take on roles related to the aforementioned disciplines.

For a list of movies I have worked on, you may view my filmography on IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm6035150/

Link to showreels

Many thanks,

Tosin Akinwoye,
Effects Technical Director,

7 thoughts on “About”

  1. i’m so much interested in vfx and had been working with a couple of 3d softwares as a freelancer in nigeria. i would love get involved in full scale projects too

  2. Hello my name is Paulo, I’m a 3d artist and right now I’m in a process of self learning Houdini, thank you very much for the tips.

    • Hey Paulo, I glad you found them useful! You may want to have a look at ‘Goprocedural’ on Vimeo. It will keep you up to date on the lastest Houdini releases.

  3. awoyemi muyiwa sunkanmi said:

    hi, I watched one film and found out your name (fast and furious 8), immediately I Google it… I don’t need story. all I want is to learn this 3D effect. I wiki appreciate of you can assist me, even to promote our indigenous movies. thanks

    • Hi Muyiwa, thank you for stopping by. The internet is now enriched with a wealth of learning resources and is always a good place to start learning. 3D visual effects is only a subset of Computer Graphics and usually requires a basic knowledge of other CGI disciplines, do you have any prior knowledge and experience working in the field of computer graphics?

      • awoyemi muyiwa sunkanmi said:

        yes, that’s my area of work, in Ogun state. I just want to have the knowledge of vfx and to be successful like you. I downloaded so many journals and video but its not concrete enough than to be teach physically and encourage. I’d love to know it. Please help me. I will appreciate if you can do it and I promised not to disappoint you. thanks.

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